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Posted by Admin On3rd November 2011

The recruiting industry is a vital connector between millions of people who are unemployed and looking for work and hundreds of thousands of companies who need help. This is an especially important task in the midst of a raging recession that has put so many people out of work. People need help looking for jobs and the Internet recruiting website is much more effective than simply submitting applications to whatever jobs you can find in the newspaper’s classified advertisements. is a website where you will currently find a list of domain names and prices on the front page. is where the sale of recruiting-industry domain names is located. This sale is expected to happen quite quickly since many of the domain names are very valuable and are being sold at cheap rates. These is a domain name there for every niche interest or specific geographic location. The domain names are catchy, memorable, and short—all of which is incredibly important for a domain name.

Domain names that are long, complicated, or boring do not stick out in the mind of Internet users. This means they are unlikely to attract the same sort of attention as a catchy domain name. While in the real world, the phrase is “location, location, location”, online it ought to be “domain name, domain name, domain name”.

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