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Posted by Admin On13th January 2012

Recessions are nasty things—they have far-reaching consequences that endanger peoples’ livelihoods at the worst of times. A recession is basically just a contraction of the economy that leads to many businesses closing down or downsizing. This means many individuals are let go from their jobs and there are no other jobs for them to then apply to. The shortage of work makes for a very competitive job market in which people get frustrated very quickly. People often get frustrated and then give up when they cannot find work through the traditional means.

What are the traditional means of finding work? Searching through newspapers and employment guides, asking friends to keep an eye out for work, and walking into local businesses to ask if they are hiring. These methods served job seekers well for a time, but they are no longer the best way to look for gainful employment.

The best way to find work these days is to use the online resources that are available to you. Hiring managers, employers, and job seekers alike should look to for help. All parties will be helped by the system, which is the product of a marriage of experience, technology, and innovation.

Posted by Admin On1st December 2011

Imagine a pair of train tracks. The left track is well-selected target companies. The right track is your network. If the companies are well selected and your network is large, you cannot help but to succeed in your job search.

Well-selected target companies are those that based on careful research have the characteristics of a set of needs you could fulfill. It would be very similar to marketing a new automobile. The best potential recipients for your direct mailing of an expensive brochure will be describable in terms of gender, age, zip code, last model purchased, how long since last purchase. If you get the demographics right, you will get a superior response rate than if you get them wrong. Similarly there are demographics that describe the companies that you will get you the best response rate.

It is important to keep in mind though that this data is dynamic and requires adjustment. The original crossover vehicles (CUVs), like the Honda CRV, Toyota RAV4 and Nissan Rogue were aimed at young men yet they have sold best to middle-aged women. Once the car manufacturers learned this, they adjusted their advertising and marketing strategy.

Likewise, in a job search, events in the news, called “job triggers”, inform us to change our target company list. A cash-poor company may be rejected by you today but when you read the news that it has attracted venture capital or been acquired by a company intending to infuse capital, that company now belongs on the list.

Stanley Milgram’s Six Degrees of Separation research tells us that your potential hiring manager at each target company can absolutely be reached through networking through plus or minus 5 parties via 6 “hops”. According to Facebook, “the number of “hops” or connections required to get from one person to another in virtually any location around the world (any location with internet access and Facebook users, that is) was six, and more than 90 percent of users were actually connected by 5 hops — equivalent to four degrees of separation rather than Milgram’s six. And the number of hops has actually decreased over time: Facebook said the average distance was 5.28 in 2008 and it is now just 4.7.”

The larger your network and the more tools you use – Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Plaxo Pulse, Networking Meetings – the fewer hops you need to connect to the person who could hire you at your target companies.

To master the train tracks to job search success, contact ExecuJobs, an executive career marketing firm that works with executives to provide the market research tools and techniques and well as the expertise to maximize Social Media. All clients gain access to an outstanding market research tool, custom built for job seekers, as well as the opportunity to join our very large and well-developed online networks. For more information contact ExecuJobs @ or call 800.767.0691.

Posted by Admin On24th November 2011

Within the coming years, one should be prepared to see impressive growth in the recruiting industry. As more job opportunities become available and more job seekers makes them competitive, it will be fascinating to see how the field grows. One way of measuring growth is that more and more online recruiting web sites are popping up. is right now selling off internet domain names that would be at home in the recruiting market.

Posted by Admin On3rd November 2011

The recruiting industry is a vital connector between millions of people who are unemployed and looking for work and hundreds of thousands of companies who need help. This is an especially important task in the midst of a raging recession that has put so many people out of work. People need help looking for jobs and the Internet recruiting website is much more effective than simply submitting applications to whatever jobs you can find in the newspaper’s classified advertisements. is a website where you will currently find a list of domain names and prices on the front page. is where the sale of recruiting-industry domain names is located. This sale is expected to happen quite quickly since many of the domain names are very valuable and are being sold at cheap rates. These is a domain name there for every niche interest or specific geographic location. The domain names are catchy, memorable, and short—all of which is incredibly important for a domain name.

Domain names that are long, complicated, or boring do not stick out in the mind of Internet users. This means they are unlikely to attract the same sort of attention as a catchy domain name. While in the real world, the phrase is “location, location, location”, online it ought to be “domain name, domain name, domain name”.

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